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If you enjoy trying new wines, laughing and having fun, you are going to love Middleton Events Wine Options Classic for your next Lunch or Dinner.

We’ve taken the traditional wine tasting, added some mind bending questions, mixed in games and competitions, and stirred it all up with music and laughter to create a unique evening that’s educational, tasty, enjoyable and original.

The host for the evening in consultation with the client selects 4 different varieties of wines. Ideally, these consist of two local wines, one from interstate and one from overseas.  The bottles are poured in glasses back of house and served on schedule. Two glasses of white wine are poured once Entrée has been cleared and the game commences and is played before the main course. That’s when the fun begins.

Guests are asked a series of multiple-choice wine related questions.  They answer using our unique “handy” system: One hand up for Option one, two hands for Option two and no hands for Option three.  What could be simpler!  By process of elimination, we eventually find a winner who receives immediate entry in our Wine Options challenge. The fun continues with the third and fourth bottles of wine after main course. By the end of the presentation, your guests have not only tasted some of the most delicious wines in the world, they’ve also learned the backgrounds and characteristics of each different variety they have tasted!

Middleton Events Wine Options also incorporates interactive, entertaining games and competitions to keep you and your guests involved and on the edge of their seats.  Beware – these games could send some of your guests into fits of hysterical laughter!  Middleton Events will also provide background Jazz or Contemporary dinner music throughout the evening, followed by a DJ to dance the night away, once the game concludes.

Vinified with techniques that retain the distinct value and memories of the event, this is an intensely entertaining and balanced Wine Options presentation with appealing freshness with maximum results.

Best served with Fine Food and Great Friends.  We hope you enjoy our Wine Options! Entertainment/Volume 100%

“Your confidence in leading a team and meeting deadlines, along with the recognition received through awards is testament to your management style, professionalism and your expert knowledge of the Audio-Visual, Events and Entertainment industry.

I would highly recommend your services to others.”

Leslie Woods AMM

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