Mistake #1

My mates friends, Uncles, brothers, sisters grandfather is a DJ/Entertainer and is half the price. If you hear this then my advice is ‘beware’. The success of your entire event is in the hands of the entertainer/DJ and is one of the most important elements at your event. Why take the risk? You might pay a bit more, however ultimately it can be the difference of guests leaving your event early, or the dance floor pumping right till the end of your event. Good planning and prior preparation by an expert so you can relax and enjoy the night is paramount.

Mistake #2

Why not play our Spotify playlist? Whilst it’s really important to understand your genre and style of music, you also need to consider the needs of your guests. Beware of the DJ/Entertainers with set playlists with little or no room for requests who can’t read the crowd. We’ve all been to painful events and looking at our watch, or for an excuse to leave because the music’s bad. The goal should be to maximise dance floor participation through careful planning, selections and online guest requests for your approval or rejection.

Mistake #3

I booked a dodgy supplier who a friend of a friend recommended! You don’t know what you don’t know. We’ve seen too many times clients having their events ruined by backyard operators who are happy to take your money and deliver very little in return. The cases of clients being told the day of their event, or the day before they are a no show or simply fail to turn up, is horrendous. It’s also disappointing when your suppliers do turn up to find out they are not up to par and have not delivered what was promised ……and it’s all too late. Do your Due Diligence!

Mistake #4

I’ve booked the wrong date! Major sporting events, holidays, long weekends, outdoor events and the weather should all be taken into consideration when selecting your date. Set the date and time that is best suited to your guests and in accordance with the theme of your event. Winter events are becoming increasingly popular as they are generally discounted. Most winter weddings for example can be spectacular and worth considering if you’re on a tight budget.

Mistake #5

I’ll wait closer to the date to get a better price…no hurry! If a supplier is ‘good’, chances are they’re booked out well in advance due to high demand for their services. In most cases a minimum of 6 months notice should be considered. It’s not uncommon to book 12-24 months out from your event date to secure the best suppliers at todays rates. Don’t wait and put it off, book as soon as you’ve confirmed your date and venue and lock in all suppliers with a deposit. Make sure you have a signed agreement with all suppliers or DO NOT book them.

By John Middleton – Authorised Marriage Celebrant, Entertainment Director, Corporate/Wedding DJ and MC.

Managing Director and Founder of Middleton Events with over 30,000 award winning events experience.