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Your engagement party turns into a surprise wedding with your DJ/MC (who’s a celebrant), that will take your family and loved ones by surprise!

Imagine at your engagement party your DJ/MC breaks the music and gets the attention of all the guests. They host a random interview/chat with the couple sitting on stools on the dance floor asking a host of questions like, why haven’t you married yet and what’s taken so long?

Asking for parents to come out on dance floor and interviewing them along with your potential bridal party, lets…….. and then your DJ/MC says “let’s do it now“! The looks on your guests faces would be priceless!

Our surprise wedding would never have been as much of a success as it was without John! I couldn’t have asked for anything more from a DJ, MC and Celebrant.

Thank you for all of your guidance, expertise and understanding. It was more perfect that we had ever imagined. Thank you to you and your lovely partner for ensuring our night was as magical as it was.

So much love ❤️

Rebecca Alyse Wyman

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