6 Steps To Planning Your Ceremony

Let’s Get It Started

6 Steps to Planning Your Ceremony

Congratulations on your wedding and let the planning begin. The lead up to your wedding and the planning stages should be as exciting as the wedding itself. You’re now a wedding planner, so “let’s get the planning started”.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s involved when choosing Middleton Events as your wedding celebrant.

STEP 1 - Get in Touch

Via email, phone or social. Our 24/7 service support programs mean we’re always here to answer your calls and reply to emails straight away!

We’ll have an initial chat and we’ll ask you some simple questions to start with, followed by setting up a time that’s convenient for both parties where we can meet up, or arrange a time to visit our Head Office in Henley Beach.

Choosing a Wedding Celebrant is an extremely personal decision. This is the person that will be standing alongside you at your wedding ceremony, during the most intimate, nerve-wracking and exciting moments of the day.

STEP 2 - Lets Meet

We’ll discuss your ideas and plans, what’s important to you and start to lay out the elements for the ceremony together.

This is a great opportunity to see if our Celebrant is the right fit for you both, we’ll also understand what style of wedding you’re looking for.

We’re here to help with recommendations and tailor your wedding to your needs. Our Celebrants are Fun, Engaging, Interactive and focused on a chilled family friendly delivery, that relaxes the newlyweds and makes for a fun celebration. We have comprehensive checklist and planning system to capture all your details, including vital information and contingency plans.

We will also provide with all the tools, timelines and sample ceremonies where you’ll get and month by month to do list, along with some great ideas so you can plan with confidence knowing your’ve partnered with the every best!

STEP 3- The Legals

We’ll run through the necessary legalities, how the ceremony will flow and little tips for the day.

We’ll also help with the Notice of Intended Marriage form which must be completed and signed no later than one month before your wedding.

Your NOIM must be signed no later than 31 days before your wedding and no earlier than 18 months before your wedding date. Your ‘Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage’ form must be signed as close as possible to the wedding and we usually do this at rehearsals. The ‘Official Certificate of Marriage’ will be printed for you to sign on the day of your wedding with your pretty Certificate (Form 15).

STEP 4 - We're Ready

Let’s rehearse if you’d like and a great way to catch up with your family, friends and bridal party as the excitement builds and we can go over exactly how you want your ceremony. This is a really good opportunity to role play and run through music cues and also work through timings and were we want everyone to position themselves. It’s so much Fun and really exciting!

Then on the day, we’ll be at the venue at least 45 mins before the start time to calm the nerves of those waiting in anticipation. Our Celebrants know how to entertain and engage the audience and we’ll have them ready and excited for the big moment.

We’ll set up the PA system, do a sound check, touch base with anyone else involved in the ceremony before you’re ready and we begin.

STEP 5 - Sign, Sealed and Delivered

At the end of the ceremony, the legal documents are signed by both of you, your two witnesses and your Celebrant.

The Certificate of Marriage (Form 15) is then yours, before you head off as newlyweds.

Straight after, we will register your marriage online with Births, Deaths & Marriages and submit all legal documents.

STEP 6 - Post Marriage Links

If you’re planning on changing your name or need proof of marriage, you can apply and make payment for your Official Marriage Certificate from Birth Deaths and Marriages in the state of your wedding.

We have provided a number of useful links to assist you after your big day to commence the task of changing your names.