Should I book my Event or wait?


There is so much uncertainty in the events industry with restrictions to events across Australia at the front line of the Covid Pandemic. Mass gatherings in restaurants, hotels and meeting venues are seen to be hotspots for the spread of COVID 19, and weddings in particular the attention of authorities.  Whilst we need to understand lockdowns and restrictions will be with us for years to come, life must go on and gatherings will still take place within the guidelines of local government regulations. Most of our clients are of the view, let’s celebrate regardless of restrictions, as there will never be a perfect time!

The Team at Middleton Events are fully complaint with all legislation and regulations regarding Covid-19. We take our responsibilities seriously and are working with our venues closely to ensure we comply with social distancing and hygiene measures.

What if my Event can’t go ahead?

Do not book with a supplier unless you are protected in the unlikely event your function will not go ahead. Times have changed and most suppliers have now implemented clauses in their booking agreements to provide security moving forward for clients.

In the instance your event cannot go ahead due to Covid-19 lockdowns or restrictions, Middleton Events will honour your deposit along with any payments made, for at least 12 month period with no incurred costs.

Here’s and example of what you should be looking for in agreements to ensure you are covered when setting your date and securing your booking.

In the event that you cancel or postpone your Designated Event with more than six (6) months notice, Middleton Events will retain the Non-Refundable Booking Fee and any additional payments made. You will not be charged for the balance outstanding on your event. Middleton Events may transfer all monies including the Non-Refundable Booking Fee and any additional payments to a new date. Middleton Events will use its best endeavours to find a mutually agreed date and the Booking Fee will be transferred to the new date without any cancellation cost to the client. 


Our Top 10 Entertainment Options to consider at your event

There are many ways your event can still be a celebration to remember. The fact that people can’t dance whilst restrictions are in place, is not the be all and end all and a reason you should postpone or cancel your event. The team at Middleton Events has put together some ideas and suggestions that are proven entertaining options for you to consider.

1. Book a DJ not a band as a DJ is more flexible in this environment where bands are more responsive to crowds on a dancefloor. DJs can build a rapport with the audience. Ask the DJ is an FREE online feature that allows your guests to send requests and comments via any device. A fantastic tool for guests to send a shout out or request their favourite song. Our DJs will receive the request in their Virtual DJ Software and will be able to search, load a song, and reply to the request within seconds. If the song is inapproprite or does not suit the style and genre of clients choice, the request won’t be played. This is a great way to keep guests engaged and at your event for longer periods. We strongly suggest you book a Saxophonist and or Bongo Percussionist to add the live fusion to your event.

2. A Mirror Photo Booth It is a perfect addition to any wedding and party venue, corporate or fundraising event! The full-length mirror offers an elegant and sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colourful animations, games and entertaining voice guidance.  Plus, everyone will find their inner artist with the mirror’s unique feature that allows drawing, signing & emoji stamping – printed right onto their photos! You can even upgrade your package and have games to be played on the screen!

3. Add Music Videos to the Big screen so guests can watch, singalong and enjoy the artist performing in their chairs.

4. Wedding Bingo. Guess are given cards with cliche wedding comments on them like ‘thank you all for coming’  and when guests have heard all the quotes on their sheet from the speeches they call BINGO and win a bottle of wine.

5. Head and Tails is a lot of fun, where guests are asked to stand and a series of questions about the newlyweds are asked. Guests have the option of Heads or tails and the last person standing wins a prize.

6. Scavenger Hunt where guests are challenged to retrieve an hilarious range of items from guests to win a prize.

7. The Shoe Game – A game of perfect match! The newlyweds are asked to sit on chairs and asked a series of questions. They are asked to swap a shoe each and raise the shoe to who is more likely the answer to the question. A great way for guests to find out a little bit more about the couple and how well they know you….and more importnatly  how well the newlyweds know each other. A hilarious moment during your reception that will be talked about for years to come.

8. Music Mania Games Show – Music Mania is a fast moving and challenging team game that combines all the excitement of the famous TV Music Game Shows. While scores from each round are tallied up, players have the chance to take part in a number of special challenges. You’ll be asked questions, to sing, compete and dance. The MC encourages competitiveness between rival teams, urging them to take the opportunity to boost their score and maybe take the lead.

9. Wine Options TastingWe’ve taken the traditional wine tasting, added some mind bending questions, mixed in games and competitions, and stirred it all up with music and laughter to create a unique evening that’s educational, tasty, enjoyable and original.

10. Mega Board Game Show – The newest addition to our range of interactive shows that has proven to be extremely popular. The Mega Board Game Show is an interactive new level of fun and engagement. Teams will make their way around the Mega -sized Game Board and teams will have to face hilarious challenges in many different forms. Driven by the luck of the dice, one moment they will have to answer quizzes, the next they’ll be performing zany physical challenges, all for glory and prizes. It’s so much fun, you’ll want one at your event!


Our Events team are ready to assist


At Middleton Events, we believe strongly your wedding or special event should be a celebration and that it should be a time of great excitement and joy……not stress!

We will work with you to create beautiful, memorable events that speak your love story to your friends and family, while providing the peace of mind that all the big (and little) details are taken care of.

Talk to our events team today to see our amazing your event can be!