Event Planning Workshop

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Event Planning Workshop

Plan the Most Perfect Event

You’re planning an event……and now the pressure is on to lock in a date and start planning. WHERE DO WE START? You are now one step closer to planning the most perfect wedding with our Event Planning Workshops.

Having John Middleton the owner of Middleton Events by your side as a coach and mentor, is the perfect solution for those who;

  1. don’t know where to start and feeling overwhelmed
  2. need advice, support and guidance
  3. need help, however still want control over their Wedding
  4. need to plan to a budget and save as much as they can
  5. want ‘Peace of Mind’ knowing they’ve made the best decisions
  6. trying to plan remotely and are time poor
  7. want the best quality and trusted vendors
  8. want value for money
  9. don’t want, or can’t afford a Event Planner and
  10. most importantly….don’t want to get caught out by poor quality vendors!

John is the multi award winning experienced consultant with over 40 years and 30,000 weddings and events experience (over 3,000 events personally), who will guide you along the journey of planning your event. John will keep the process stress free, fun, simple, easy and enjoyable whilst avoiding the worry, stress and pitfalls……saving you thousands of dollars!


What Do We Do?

John’s attention to detail, care for his clients, and passion for events clearly shows in his performance. He can deliver the event of your dreams by bringing your vision to life, and rest assured John will be with you every step of the way.  Planning such an important role in a clients event, really is a privilege and having John at the helm, means he’ll take care of quotes, contract negotiations, supplier briefs, venue and supplier selections and overall recommendations.

As Australia’s most trusted and experienced event consultant, John helps clients plan and prepare for the most perfect event. He’ll make sure you are pointed in the right direction, to ensure there are no pitfalls or wasted time and money spent. Most of our clients save a minimum of $1,500 by knowing the pitfalls and tricks used to get you spending hard earned money you don’t need to pay.

John will coach you in the quote process, negotiations with suppliers, review agreements, ensure you are covered against Covid restrictions and lockdowns, mitigating risk, ensure all suppliers are insured, have public liability insurance and provide risk assessment policies along with appropriate licenses.